Andy Lau Movies
DVD  The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

DVD Firestorm (2013)

Firestorm (2013)

DVD House of Flying Daggers (2004)

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

DVD Infernal Affairs (2002)

Infernal Affairs (2002)

DVD Infernal Affairs III (2003)

Infernal Affairs III (2003)

DVD My Beloved Bodyguard (2016)

My Beloved Bodyguard (2016)

DVD Protégé (2007) Moon to

Protégé (2007) Moon to

DVD Railroad Tigers (2016)

Railroad Tigers (2016)

DVD Saving Mr. Wu (2015)

Saving Mr. Wu (2015)

DVD Shaolin (2011)

Shaolin (2011)

HD Shock Wave

Shock Wave

HD The Adventurers

The Adventurers

HD The Great Wall

The Great Wall

DVD The Warlords (2007)

The Warlords (2007)